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About Us

Reliance Pest Management has been exterminating pests for 8 years now. Owner Jim Middleton specifically formed this company to provide home-owners, Property Managers and business owners, an alternative to the “pest control” methods used for years. With years of experience in animals, birds and insects, we have amassed a great deal of experience in exterminating pests…successfully.

Why choose Reliance Pest Management?

The words “pest control” does not give the impression that pests will be exterminated but rather controlled. Reliance Pest Management cares about the issues you are having with pest issues. We address why the pests are staying and breeding in your home and then we exterminate them without the use of chemicals and poisons. This means that there is no need to vacate the premises during any of the treatments. The low cost includes everything…inspection, treatment including the products that stay in your home after we are finished and a follow up visit after the treatment. Reliance Pest Management wants you to be fully satisfied with our service so that you pass the referral on to others. Our service area includes the City of Winnipeg with a 100km radius of the city and we are open 7 days a week and most holidays. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service.

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City of Winnipeg with a 100km radius