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Reliance Pest Management was introduced 5 years ago in the City of Winnipeg. Owner, Jim Middleton specifically formed this company to provide home-owners, landlords, Property Management groups and business owners, an alternative option for pest control that not only is highly successful but saves you a great deal of money. The methods of treatment for any pest is chemical and poison-free so that it does not risk the health of the occupants and pets they may have. All exterminations are followed up so that you can rest at night knowing your home or business is not being overrun by pests.

All home-owners, Property managers and business owners are invited to take advantage of the low cost treatments and successful results.

Why choose Reliance Pest Management?

Reliance Pest Management may be one of the only pest control companies in the City of Winnipeg that does not utilize or need to use chemicals or poisons to exterminate pests negating anyone from having to leave the premises during treatment. Successful results are attributed from strong customer service skills, complete knowledge of all pests and pest control techniques as well as the knowledge we relate to the customer to combat future occurrences. Our service area is Winnipeg with a 100km radius of the city and we are open 7 days a week. We also offer low prices for extermination without sacrificing on customer service and successful results.

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City of Winnipeg with a 100km radius