I am posting this article because of the need for Property Managers to investigate the companies they hire for pest control and whether they are legitimate or scamming you for as much as you will keep paying for their service.

I am the owner of a reputable Pest Control company that is only interested in exterminating your pest issues and not continually draining you with added costs for following up. But when I take on an apartment complex for pest issues and learn that the previous pest control company has been reporting that suites have major bed bug issues and that they have to be retreated when there wasn’t a problem in the first place, I feel that is a scam! It is so easy to have the tenants leave the premises and then to report that they have a major infestation when no one is accompanying the inspection. The Property Manager is led to believe that they have major issues and that additional treatments are required to get rid of those issues. Of course they invoice for those additional treatments every time. One suite was reported to have been treated 40 times! Either the chemical treatments are not working or you are being scammed. Chemical treatments can force bed bugs to flee to other suites which then complicates the initial problem and causes more treatments to be required.

Reliance Pest Management does not utilize the use of chemicals or poisons in the treatments and can successfully exterminate any pest issues. We also charge ONE price which includes follow up visits. Sure, every company wants to make money but with the amount of pest issues in properties, no pest control company should worry about going out of business. Charging one cost for treatment shows that the only goal is to get rid of the problem. It is always a good idea to get a second opinion when choosing a pest control company which is the case when you want to purchase a vehicle. home or even a diagnosis from a doctor. By the way…on this particular apartment complex, after an inspection of every suite, it was determined that they had 9 issues with bed bugs…not 45.