Property managers, business owners and home owners really need to sit back and take a long look at how pest control companies that they hire to get rid of their pest issues, treat their premises and what guarantee they claim for success. Often, with bed bug and cockroach issues, the common thought would be to get someone in here to spray to get rid of the problem. The reality of it is, the chemical spray must contact the insect in order for it to kill them and even then, they may have built up an immunity to the chemical. Spraying can also encourage the bed bugs or cockroaches to escape to adjoining rooms or suites creating an even bigger infestation.
It appears that most pest control companies do not emphasize an important fact about the realization of actually succeeding in the extermination of the pest in question. It would be great to think that if a pest issue is present and all that is needed is to call a pest control company, have them treat and then the problem goes away. But that is not reality. Both mice and cockroaches only want a food source and bed bugs want you! If food is not contained (pet food included) and garbage cans covered…you are feeding them so why would they go to poisons or whatever you are offering them to kill them? It just seems that a lot of pest control companies do not emphasize what the home owner or tenant should also be doing to help get rid of the problem. They simply say…”if you still have a problem, we will come back and treat again”…of course you will pay again and again.

Reliance Pest Management operates in a different way. We care about getting rid of your pest problems. Verbal and written instruction are given for what is required by the tenant so they everyone is working together to exterminate the pest issue. Yes, we guarantee success with regards to our treatments but that can only happen if the suggestions are heeded. In the case of mice and cockroaches, food must be contained so that the pest comes to us since they do have to eat. For bed bugs, one of the main reasons why the infestation is difficult to get rid of, is because bed bugs are hitch-hikers. They can be transported from an infested bed to the couch, to other rooms etc. because they may be on bedding, clothing or even on you. Afterall, how do you think they got into a home in the first place. We do not utilize any poisons or chemicals to treat for pests. One price is charged only and everything else is inclusive. If one really believes that chemicals and poisons are the only way to get rid of pests…then spend lots of money with minimal results. We have been treating homes and businesses for years with excellent success…because we care.