There are not too many people who don’t know or remember this old saying. The problem with bed bugs nowadays has been increasingly rising in every city and town across the world. Bed bugs are the biggest hitch hikers and wherever people are, bed bugs hitch a ride hoping to find a cozy bed to feed on the unsuspecting occupant.
Many people are under the impression that if they do have a bed bug issue, that it is very hard or impossible to get rid of them. Being that they are small and can fit into small cracks (even in the slot of a screw), they can be a force to reckon with. An adult female can lay ~500 eggs in a year and will do so after she feeds. A pest control company can exterminate the initial bed bug population from a typical home or apartment suite but any potential eggs need to be taken care of otherwise the bed bug issue will resurface in a month. This is the hardest realization for people to understand if they are paying for the extermination of these pests by a pest control company. Usually the treatment for bed bug control is a chemical spraying of a home by most pest control companies. Any spray that is used is a contact spray and therefore must contact the insect for it to be effective. It is not impossible for bed bugs, if they are hiding in the baseboards or walls, to be forced to navigate to another room to get away from any chemical sprays. Otherwise, if they are feeding on someone in a typical room, there is no need to travel to another room. To find bed bugs occupying a bathroom, kitchen or living room, usually means that an article (blanket, clothing or on the person) has been taken from an infested room and brought to another location. Bed bugs want to feed, leave the person and then hide in a dark location to either moult or breed. They would rather not travel too far to do this and they would prefer darkness. They are not like wood ticks that want to stay on the host until they are completely finished. For bed bugs to be actually on a person to any great extent while they are moving around, usually signifies a major infestation in the home. This can be very dangerous since this person carries the bed bugs to other locations and the bed bugs can be transferred to other people. Yes it is true that if bed bugs are present in a room where there is no one occupying it (sleeping) they can sit and wait for up to a year without feeding. Bed bugs become active when they sense the carbon dioxide coming from a person for an extended amount of time. This can happen even when a person sits on a couch for a period of time and there is bed bugs hiding on it. Chemical sprays have been used for years as the typical method of treatment for bed bug removal. One should note that the spray does not kill the eggs and that it is not impossible for insects to become immune to the chemicals that have been used for years.

Reliance Pest Management is a company that does not incorporate chemical spraying as a means to exterminate bed bug activity. We use very safe methods whereby a tenant does not have to perform the lengthy preparation of the contents in the home or even leave when the treatment is being performed. Beds are treated and “guarded” to prevent the bed bugs from getting back on. This also provides added protection against future activity. Both bed bugs and their eggs are killed without the use of chemicals and poisons. This is of great importance for people suffering from asthma or other respiratory issues. Bed bugs will come back to feed on someone after about 5-10 days after feeding. They don’t take a holiday from feeding…if they are hungry they will feed.