One night you are sitting in your living room and out of the corner of your eye, you swear you saw something go running across the room. This is not at all uncommon in homes or businesses. It was thought that as soon as fall comes around, mice start finding a way into the home because it is getting cold outside. It really does not have anything to do with the weather since they live outside already. Mice are grain/insect/plant eaters and in the fall when these things die off, the natural foods for mice are gone and therefore they are on the move to find food. It should be noted that mice do not want you to see them and this is why they come out at night as well as travel along a wall. This does not mean they won’t be active during the day.

The majority of Pest Control companies use a bait station with poison as the method of treatment for a mouse infestation. This is all fine except there are certain variables that must be considered. Even though the poison may be contained in a lockable bait station where mice can come and go to feed on the bait, it is not impossible for mice to partially eat a block of poison and carry the remainder to another location. If left in the open, it may be found by young children or eaten by pets. This can be a dangerous health risk. Also, if mice are already settled in your home and finding a food source, why would they care to eat the poison bait. This is one of the leading causes of why most pest control companies fail in the attempts of exterminating mouse issues. If mice do eat the bait, they will die and when this happens depends on the potency of the poison. They will die somewhere…in the walls, ceilings or floors, outside or around their breeding areas. Most people do not particularly want to find them dead or smell a dead body.

Reliance Pest Management has developed a different approach to mouse extermination. We capture the living mice and take them out of the home and once the infestation is gone, we put in place a means to thwart possible future activity. This means…no poisons are used, no mice are found dead anywhere, no dead mouse smell and no additional health risks to you, your family and pets. Understanding the pest one is encountering and implementing a safe, strategic plan to get rid of the problem, is the first step of eliminating a mouse issue in your home. Just a note…”ultra sonic” devices that are sold to get rid of mice…do not work. Even if mice were to avoid a certain area where these devices are used, they are not likely to pack up their bags and leave your home.