You may have discovered you have a mouse issue and you tried to take care of it with snap traps or glue boards or even poison pellets. The problem still didn’t go away. You may have hired a Pest Control company but after a period of time, the mouse issue is still there. What is the problem and what can you do?
It would be easy to say that if someone were to find all the entry points that mice could gain access and seal them…the problem would be solved. Mice only need about 1/4″ opening to get in. You may find the obvious entry points that you can see but there are probably hundreds of places where no one can see where mice can find a way in. This may be under a deck, a crawl space where you can’t get in, cracks in garage walls that attach to the home. They may burrow down the side of your foundation and find a crack in the walls. You cannot “mouse-proof” a home.
Many Pest Control companies will use poison in a bait station located in many parts of the home. But the mouse issue still persists. This is the honest secret of why a mouse issue persists. Unless you address the reason why mice are staying in your home, there will be no way of exterminating them. Mice are looking for a food source and this is why they accessed your home in the first place. Once they find it in your home, they will not leave. Reliance Pest Management’s methodology of exterminating mice from homes is to understand what the pest requires to survive and take it away so that they have no choice but to come to us. That is a food source. It can be an open garbage can, leftovers left out, pet food left on the floor and food in your cupboards. If these things are not addressed, why would anyone expect they will go to any traps or bait stations. Think of it this way…if there was absolutely no food in your home, mice may still enter and search but if they don’t find anything…they would leave.