Bed bugs:

Bed bugs are one of the most feared of the pests that one may encounter. Even though they can be likened to being bitten by a mosquito, they like to hide on or near the bed and bite you when you are sleeping.

The more you know about bed bugs, their habits and what sustains them, the more knowledge you will have to combat this pest. After reading the information on this link, you will be familiar with everything there is to know about bed bugs in your home.

Services offered:

Preparation by the tenant or home owner

  • remove all bedding and place in a bag tied up…leave in the room
  • no need to leave the home during treatment

The treatment for bed bugs does not utilize any chemicals. There is a “one-time” price which includes:

  • inspection of all beds and other furniture
  • treatment of all beds and couches if applicable

Other services:

  • special price for treating homes or suites that are vacant
  • special price for proactive treatment
  • Special offer for inspecting homes prior to moving in that would detect any pest issues present

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