The German cockroach is one the most common food pests and because of their ability to adapt to new surroundings and conditions, are one of the most hardest pest to exterminate. Other reasons for this include their short reproductive cycle, ability to hide in small cracks and openings, feeding mostly at night and their ability to become immune to most of the chemicals used to irradicate them.

The more you know about cockroaches, their habits and what sustains them, the more knowledge you will have to combat this pest. After reading the information on this link , you will be familiar with everything there is to know about cockroaches in your home.

Services offered:

Preparation by the tenant or home owner

  • completely clean the kitchen including any food spills in the cupboards, on the stove, counters and floors
  • wash all dishes and put away leftover food
  • garbage must be contained in a garbage can that has a tight-fitting lid
  • clean under the fridge and stove


The treatment does not utilize any chemicals that would force cockroaches to other parts of the home and introduce health risks. There is a “one-time” price which includes:

  • inspection of the home
  • safe multi-method treatment that draws cockroaches out of their hiding places
  • at least (2) follow up visits after the treatment

Other services:

  • special price for treating homes or suites that are vacant
  • special price for proactive treatment
  • Special offer for inspecting homes prior to moving in that would detect any pest issues present
  • Disinfection service for rooms of the home after the cockroach issue is gone upon request

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