Other pests:

Reliance Pest Management will also take care of squirrel, raccoon, wasp/hornet and bird issues.

Special note: There are many other pests that one may encounter in the home or business. Depending on the type of pest that becomes a problem, sometimes there is no need to get a professional exterminator to take care of the issue. Please give us a call for an inspection.

With respect to ant issues, it is common to have issues with the Black Pavement ant or the small, Pharoah ant making hills in your yard. Give us a call if this becomes a problem and we will see what we can do. It is not uncommon for these ant species to enter the home but this is usually due to a heavy rainfall that flooded the ant nests that may be close to your foundation. Normally there is no reason for them wanting to enter your home as they find all the food they need outside. The larger Carpenter ants present a much larger problem. These ants chew into hardwood usually whether it is an old rotting tree or stump, wood fence, deck and even the wood in one’s walls of the home. The issue with carpenter ants being outside only, can be dealt with but when they take up residence in the home, it is extremely difficult to exterminate them. Because they perforate the wood in the beams of a home, the issue over time can be critical if the wood crumbles. The best way to exterminate an ant colony is to kill the queen or queens and they are usually deep inside their colony.

With regards to pests that can get into your food (stored food pests), these can range from many species of beetles, weevils and moths. Some of these beetles will invade your cereals or flour and some moths can spoil pet food or make holes in your clothing. They can be exterminated but on a case by case basis. Give us a call for an inspection.

With regards to pests that take up residence in your basement and other parts of the home include sow bugs, centipedes, common house spiders, ground beetles and silverfish. They all like a cool, dark, moist environment like basements or washrooms. Normally found on the floors, they will also inhabit the walls, around water tanks and furnaces, drains and any cracks or crevices. One may think that an exterminator should be called in to rid you of the problem but it is highly doubtful that the issue will be resolved. Chemically treating the baseboards, walls and cracks will not get rid of them completely. The chemical product will eventually dry and they will be back. Any chemical used for insects must contact the insect in order for it to kill them. A better alternative to control them is to use glueboard strips along the walls where they will get caught on them when they are foraging.

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