Mice and rats:

The common house mouse poses a significant threat when it takes up residence in homes and businesses. The health risks alone should be the main reason for exterminating them from your home.

The more you know about mice, their habits and what sustains them, the more knowledge you will have to combat this pest. After reading the information on this link, you will be familiar with everything there is to know about mice in your home.

Services offered:

Preparation by the tenant or home owner
The only preparation before treatment that is needed is to completely clean up the kitchen including leftover food and food spills on the stove, counter and floors.

The treatment for mice and rats do not utilize any poisons that can add health risks to your family and pets. . The “one-time” price includes:

  • inspection of the home to determine food sources that mice can get into and possible entry points that will be made known to the home owner.
  • products used in the treatment¬† that will be left in the home to guard against possible future activity
  • At least (1) follow up visit after the treatment that we give you regarding food and garbage containment are followed, we will follow up with the mouse issue until it is gone.
  • Reliance Pest Management also offers a service for disinfecting rooms in the home after the mouse infestation is gone. Disinfection is accomplished using UVC lights and will destroy germs, bacteria and even mold. Let us know if you are interested.

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